Family business knows how to give a family feeling to seniors.

Greenhill aged care provides and ensures the best care to the senior citizens. We are having over 30 years of experience and we make sure that the seniors get the great attention that they require in this stage of life. We are always behind the goal that the group of people who come here, feel as relaxed as at home. We also make sure that the seniors here get all the lavish and extraordinary facilities so that they can live without complains and pains.

We are tulich family, running it as a family business and we are also running some more aged care homes along with retirement villages located in the east coast. This makes us different from others as we are in this field from many years and not with just one franchise but also many chains related to it.We provide support and help in the everyday living of the seniors, take care of the their health and their basic needs.

Dementia care in wollongong which has an extreme soothing and relaxing environment which is a major demand of old age group people as they constantly desire peace and relaxation during this period of time.

Ambience that will compel one to stay.

Here at Figtree aged care, also called Greenhill aged care we have designed everything in a very detailed and exquisite way. We make sure that every little thing that matters the most to the residence should be in our facilities. We have introduced high ceilings, fireplaces that are open and our facilities provide wondrous views that a person dreams of to have a life with those views and landscape. The figtree aged care is designed by famous and well known artists pitt and Merewether and they have designed it a very royal and exemplary way. They have been very known in this work and they have experience with royalties as they have invited them and entertained them in a very royal style. We treat our residence no other than royalties. We provide such ambience that our every residence gets every vibe of royal style and living.

We as a team make sure that the fig tree aged care promotes the interaction among the seniors and for this, we constantly provide our residence to have some involved activities. Our goal is also to minimize the psychological issues of seniors while having a friendly and conducive relation with other members so that the communication cures the depression and psychic related issues of anyone in our residency.

Here at fig tree aged care the residents acquire all by simply giving a basic daily fee. We take the fee from the pension of seniors and do not burden them or pressure them to pay us big checks for all our support and services.  Therefore, come and stay here at fig tree aged care in wollongong for a better support, care and protection in your final stages of life.