How To Tell If Someone Is Depressed

Depression is far more serious than most of us realize and it is something that you should try to help with if you can, especially if someone you love is suffering through it. So here is how you can tell if someone is depressed and how to help if possible.

Check to see if it is truly depression without jumping to assumptions

Do not mistake someone who is depressed for someone who is having anxiety issues. For this he/ she can go to anxiety counselling and try to resolve the issue based on how serious the matter is. And yes the anxiety may lead to depression if left untreated so it is best resolved early on.

They begin to express a lot of negative thoughts

Their attitude becomes one that is very sad. They lose their self-confidence and self-esteem; they see only the bad in every situation. They basically have no optimistic thought about anything and turn into the ‘downer’ of the group. Even their expressions will be ones of constant sadness. The speech of a depressed person tends to follow along the same lines of sadness since they make statements like “what is the point anymore?”, “nothing matters”, “nothing makes a difference”. And if you know someone who is very badly depressed, then watch out for any suicidal that they make. As this will tell you how urgently they need help.

Sudden change in habits and eating pattern

A lot of things will begin to change like the quantity of food that the person eats or they lose interest in everything that they once loved. There will be almost an overnight change in personality and certain characteristics. You just have to be conscious of it.

Get to the heart of the matter

Sometimes people are not really depressed but are going through a difficult time that makes them feel a bit blue. So talk to them about why they are feeling blue. Be a sincere and trustworthy adviser and do not share what they tell to you with other people because that is just not right. If you talk to them it may most likely be an issue with relationships, as it is the cause of so many issues people have. Based on how bad the situation is try to suggest relationship counselling Greensborough to the individuals who are having an issue with one another.If someone is having issues with depression they will always find a way to tell others. But you have to be listening while they talk to you so that you may acknowledge what you heard and try to be the most supporting and comforting friend/ family member.