Pregnancy And Tooth Decay:

Pregnancy is a part of life that is in reality possibly the most beautiful one. Many changes take place in a female body when she grows a human baby inside her body. There are not only outward physical changes, but also internal changes. There are many hormonal changes in the body. These changes happen in the body to let the baby grow properly. These hormonal changes may be good for the baby, but some of them affect the health of the mother. Along with different kinds of changes and problems, the hormones affect the teeth and gum of the mother.

Though most of the problems subside as women enters post-partum phase, some of them affects health in a way that can become problematic in future. With proper care and treatment, these problems can be cured. A woman must have proper idea about these issues so that she may get proper treatment when necessary. There are a number of oral problems that can occur during pregnancy and should be treated by a dentist Mentone.

Pregnancy gingivitis:

This is one of those temporary gum problems that occur during pregnancy. Brushing and flossing may cause bleeding gums when a lady is pregnant. This will also go away. But gingivitis has bad reputation for affecting the teeth holding tissues. So, it is not to be ignored. Rather, you should be careful when your gums bleed. Pregnancy gingivitis affects the ladies who suffered from gum inflammation earlier. It is better to maintain a good oral routine and visit the family dentist to avoid this problem.

Pyogenic granulomas:

This is the official name of pregnancy tumors. Like pregnancy gingivitis, it also gets cured after you have your baby. The tumors appear between the teeth and on the gum lines. These are basically harmful form of tumor.

Morning sickness:

How does it affect your teeth? Can’t find the link between the two? I’ll help you. Vomit always has acidic qualities. These acids affect your teeth. It is very normal that you will try to brush to feel fresh. But it will affect your teeth more. Brushing after vomiting will wash away the enamel. Rather, try to wash your mouth with water and soda. Eat some acid neutralizing food, like hard cheese or milk. This will help your mouth to heal.

Control your sweet craving:

If your pregnancy craving is demanding some sweets, then control it. Sweets are really harmful for our teeth. Eating sweets will affect your teeth and there will be more oral problems during pregnancy. So, be careful about what you eat to keep your teeth and gums safe.