They say your eyes say it all. We say, your smile says it all. Whether you are a professional or a parent looking for a good dentist for their child, Sydney Smiles Dental is the place for you.

What exactly is it that we do

We are located in Chatswood, so if you are either in Roseville, Lane Cove or anywhere in and around Sydney, you can easily reach us. And we are in the hub of it all, so we are easily accessible. This is the most beneficial if you are suddenly in dire need of dental help. Whether someone fell down the stairs and chipped a tooth or suddenly finds them in extreme pain, our emergency dentist are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are even here on the holidays. Just call our helpline and one will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

We also offer special services for our young clients. We know how hard it is to get a child to come to the dentist which is why our team of childrens dentist Chatswood is highly trained in how to deal with a kid. They ensure that your child feels as little pain as possible and leaves a happy kid. Our exam room are separate for children and are designed according to a child’s needs.

In the case that you don’t have a specific medial dental problem ailing you, but you just want to look better for yourself, even then we will take care of you. We have two different kinds of veneers; a composite resin one and a porcelain on. Each of them have different uses and what type of veneer you choose will depend on your reason and solely based on your decision. Let us assure you, they will make your smile and your face look even more beautiful than it already is.    

For all those times you need a cosmetic dentistry, choose Sydney Smiles Dental and you will never look back. We provide the same amazing services with awesome results, in a much more feasible budget. So if brighter teeth is what you want, or a bigger smile, or just an evenly aligned jaw and teeth structure, be sure to get an amazing outlook in half the time. This is because we understand that your time is precious to you, so we don’t make you come in for unnecessary check ups. We will take as less of your important time as possible. So, if one process can be done efficiently within a day, we will let you know.

We even cater to the people who already suffer from either facial or nerve pains. We know how hard life already is for them and the fact that any dental work makes it worse is one of the many reasons these patients avoid going to the dentist. So, with us, you don’t need to fear it.

We are also available via email, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and we have videos detailing our services on YouTube as well.