Tips To Maintain A First Aid Kit

Whether you are at home, in a school, or in a trip with friends, you can face health emergencies such as injuries or illnesses. Therefore, it is very important that you maintain a first aid kit that can be used immediately during such situations.

What to Include

In order to use your knowledge on first aid, you need to have first aid supplies stocked in a first aid kit. Some of the essentials that has to be there in your first aid kit are, adhesive tape, bandages or plasters of different sizes, gauze rolls, pain killers, saline wound wash, aloe vera gel, a pair of scissors and tweezers. These items are not hard to find and you can buy them at your local pharmacy Berwick.

Customize Your Kit

Depending on the purpose or the occasion you can customize your kit. If this to be used at home, have some additional items according to the number of people in the house. Have additional bandages if there are sportsman among the family or thermometers if there are small kids. If this is for a camping trip then you need to have more thick, crepe bandages, instant cold packs and even some bugspray. If this to be kept at a school add extra plasters as kids like to explore and wander on their own.

Special Needs

Whenever you maintain a first aid kit, it means that you are ready to treat small wounds and illnesses immediately. To do this, you need to know if there are any special medical conditions that you should worry about. For example, are there members in your family, friends or class who are allergic to certain medicines or medical ingredients. In these cases, you need to stock up medicine that they can specially use or can get the necessary medicines prepared at a compounding pharmacy Berwick.

Storage and Maintenance

Remember always to keep your first aid kit in a place where it will be easily accessible. First aid kits are to be used immediately in case of emergencies and it would not do if you have to spend time looking for your kit if someone get injured. However, you also need to keep this in a safe and clean place so that the items will not be contaminated with germs. In case you run out of some items make sure you replace them as soon as possible.It will be much easier and convenient to tend to the injured when you have all the necessary first aid items prepared with you. Even in cases where the patient has to go to the hospital, basic first aid treatment can lessen the effect of the injury of the sickness until they get looked over by a medical professional.